Store.Monash Account Migration to Australian Access Federation Account

There are now multiple ways to log in to Store.Monash. You can continue to log in with your Monash username and password. However you are encouraged to try the new Australian Access Federation login method:


Before trying the new login method, you should log in with the Username / Password form and verify that you can see your data:


The first time you log in with the Australian Access Federation, you won’t be able to see your data, but you should see a Migrate My Account link which will allow you to make all of your data accessible when using the new login method.


If you don’t see the Migrate My Account link shown above, you can still access the account migration feature as shown below:


Clicking on the Migrate My Account link will take you to a new Migrate My Account page with a Username / Password form. Before you can make your data available to your new login method, you need to verify that you can access your old account by entering your Monash username and password:


After verifying your Monash username and password, you will see a Migrate button allowing you to make your data available to your new account:


After your account has been migrated, you should see your old data available when you log in using the new method: